DIY Christmas Gifts

Can you hear it?  The Christmas clock is ticking!

If jumping into the holiday shopping rush sounds hectic, why not pull out your DIY supplies?  Slow down, make yourself some tea and enjoy the process of making a handmade gift for someone.  Whether you sew, paint, build, cook or even feel you have no creative ability, there is a project that you can tackle, and perhaps even enjoy.  Putting time and care into making a gift for someone else, I believe, can also be a gift to you!

Below are a few ideas that I think look intriguing.  Perhaps they will inspire you…

I think these hand painted mugs (or try cups and saucers) would make a beautiful gift.

Aren’t these charming? Handmade linen hand towels look expensive but are also useful.  Try sewing your own with this tutorial from confessionsofaplateaddict.blogspot.

Personalized stationery makes a classy gift for him or her.  Try using alphabet stamps or print your own.  There are free templates online that can help you lay out the proper dimensions for your cards.  I found this lovely handmade card on Pinterest…

This is a wonderful idea.  Gather the ingredients for mulled wine and make gifts for friends, neighbors, teachers…anyone really!  Sometimes the best gifts given are to people that aren’t expecting it!

The possibilities are endless when it comes to fabric. made these killer wallets – a perfect gift for dad, son or boyfriend.

Choose the perfect fabric for him or her and use this easy tutorial from to make a scarf.

Think of all the flat cardboard thrown away every day…why not re-purpose it as coasters?  Use packaging from tea, coffee, cereals, beer as shown here, or wine boxes!

These ornaments are just gorgeous.  I haven’t tried them myself but you only need paint and plain glass ornaments!

I hope some of these projects have inspired you.  Handmade gifts are sometimes the most meaningful because there is thought, time and care put into them.  Have fun!

Christmas Color

Do you, each Christmas season, pull out carefully labeled boxes of holiday décor full of memories, green and red ornaments, and beloved traditional decorations?  Or, are you the person who can’t wait to shop with a new color palette in mind, creating festive décor with non-traditional colors and a different theme each year?  Regardless of your tastes, putting up decorations and adding some holiday color to your home makes this time of year special.

As a watercolor painter, color is always inspirational to me.  This year I’d like to share a few color palettes that I believe have their own unique charm. 

Blue Christmas:
Blue holiday décor brings a cool, wintery feel to your home.  If you live someplace tropical and long for a frosty Christmas, decorate with blue.

Add a beautiful icy blue wreath to your door.

The wrapping paper you choose becomes part of your décor...I found this gorgeous paper on

I love this blue themed table setting.  Notice all the little details that make it special.

Orange Christmas
Think of the colors you see as you sit by a cozy fire.  Yellow, gold, rust and vibrant orange tones; these colors will make your house feel welcoming and warm.

And, with these colors in mind...

Decorate literally…use oranges within your orange holiday theme…

These bright orange snowflakes are cheerful and welcoming!

These sparkly rust orange ornaments flicker like firelight. 

White Christmas with Gold & Silver accents
Are you longing for snow this Christmas?  White decorations add warmth to your home as well as an elegant wintery feel. Adding gold and/or silver is icing on the cake.

Isn’t this a peaceful setting?  I love the idea of having stockings at the end of bed.  On Christmas morning the children can rush in to get cozy with you and delve into their treats.

Beautiful creamy white, gold and silver Christmas presents…

Pink Christmas

Look for vintage ornaments on Pinterest or Etsy.  Age adds interest to a pink Christmas theme.

Use pastel pink with brown accents to create a soft, peaceful room you want to sink right into.

Have fun with your tree! Ribbon, ornaments and artfully placed sprigs make this pink tree worth a second, third and fourth look.

Good luck finding your Christmas color inspiration.  I’d love to hear what you come up with!


Capture a Moment in Time this holiday season...

This holiday season Linda is offering to paint a limited number of custom ski paintings!

Provide a photograph of your loved ones skiing and Linda will paint an original watercolor for you to give to that special person or couple this year. And, if you'd like to share this gift with more friends or family members, contact us about having prints or note cards made from the original!